Leadership Testimonials

  I loved my day of Equinox coaching, and I learned much. I rode horses most days when I was young; later I met Robert Hall and Monty Roberts who were brilliant ‘horse coaches’. My hours with your horses however took me to a new level both about people and about animals. You asked me which of the four horses in the paddock was the leader. I took a few minutes watching them very deeply to get it. During the time I got better and better at understanding them, their body language and their personalities. Without language I had to pay more attention to them and I realised that we could benefit so much with people if we were that attentive. I have not forgotten that day and the quality of my learning. I find myself thinking deeper about people and animals since those few great hours. I learned much about the authenticity and integrity of others – and myself! ” Animals and nature can teach us so much – when we are humble.”  
Sir John Whitmore PhD
Performance Consultants International
  The most beneficial and worthwhile of all the different leadership courses I have attended  
Joe Forrest
Operations Manager
Citizens Advice Direct
  One of the most powerful self development tools I've ever experienced  
Suzy Greaves
Author & Life Coach
The Big Leap Coaching Co.
  A great way of experiencing how one is seen by other people from a different perspective.  
Paul Foreman
Operations Director
42 Square Group