Leadership Objectives And Outcomes

Our Training Objectives

At Equinox we pride ourselves in our innovative equine training. The use of horses in management coaching is a relatively new concept in the UK, having found its prominence in United States. It is quickly growing as one of the leading forms of coaching within the area of leadership and management and now we have brought our very own brand of skills development coaching to Sussex.

The aim of our methods is to primarily aid participants in developing leadership skills that can be transferable to the workplace. These skills can be learnt through other coaching methods that much is clear, however, our objectives at Equinox are to provide an intelligent and powerful management course that will not only grant you new skills, but also provide a life experience.

Priding ourselves in the intimacy of our training we aim to provide a service that delivers an experience that will enable the participant to learn for themselves rather than being told directly how to react to their situations.

profile of a horses headcourse participants at the outdoor riding schoolclose up of horses head looking at person holding flagparticipant waves flag during exercise to lead the horseparticipant talks to course leader Anetteanother participant waves flag during exercise to lead the horsecourse participants at the outdoor riding school leaning on fence observing exerciseparticipant strokes horses head

What Are The Outcomes Of Our Leadership Programmes?

Our training methods have a proven track record of assisting in the development of rich and effective management skills amongst those who have taken part in our courses. Many of those who have embarked on our equine-guided leadership programme have often been taken a back at how much they have gained from their experience.

Suzy Graves, an author and life coach from The Leap Coaching Co. described our development coaching as:

“One of the most powerful self development tools I’ve ever experienced”

Often the greatest outcome is not merely the skills that you learn during the process, but the newfound grasp of just why these acquired skills work at their very basic level. Understanding why certain situations require particular actions is the main result that we feel sets our coaching apart from a more traditional training method.

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