Equinox Coaching offers unique one or two-day seminars tailored to suit different business situations. We believe that quality is more beneficial than quantity hence we will provide one facilitator per group.

Normal capacity is between 4-8 participants per course.
4 people in a group maximum 8 in 2 groups

Please contact us for available dates and more details.

Typical schedule

Below is a typical course schedule for a one-day seminar

  • 9.30 am: Arrival with tea/coffee
  • Explanation of the day to come
  • Preparation for work with the horses
  • Exercises with the horses ranging from boundary to setting goals
  • 1 pm: Lunch
  • More exercises with the horses, usually challenges and resources
  • Discussion and looking ahead in the meeting room
  • 5 pm: Finish


For executives facing challenges on a daily basis, this programme allows you to find out which leadership style suits you best so both you and your company reap the benefits.


For executives managing change within a team during corporate reorganisation, redundancy programmes or new management structures, this course allows you to develop a strategy to do so effectively.


For companies seeking a new idea for teambuilding, Equinox offers a way to reward staff with a fun “day out” and also benefit the business by teaching teams to work more productively through better collaboration.


For executives facing change and collaboration with new managers and leaders after company mergers, this programme gets people identifying their strengths and weaknesses so they work together better.


For graduates, postgraduates and MBA students, this programme gives you a fresh perspective on what you want from your career, prepares you for future business challenges and reminds you to have fun!


For teachers and trainers wanting to know how they are relating to and are perceived by their students, this programme provides valuable insights allowing participants to move into different leadership styles.


For those wanting to gain confidence at a crossroads in their working or personal life, in this programme our horses help you discover what you want to achieve and hone the skills you need to do so.