Leadership Coaching

Equinox Coaching provides a superb practical way to understand what it takes to be a great leader – through vivid experience rather than a textbook or lecture.

Executive Individual Leadership Coaching

For Execuitves, Mangers, leaders, and business owners who would like to

expierence their unique Leadership Styles

finding out if they are congruent with what they are saying and what they are really thinking

exploring  how to prevent difficult situations before they are arising

make more conscious choices through awarness

learn to how deal with emotionally charged situations by increasing the depth of their body and emotional intelligence

We offer hourly bespoke sessions – first session is usually 1 or 2 hours.

Team Leadership Coaching

Executives and their teams, or executives from different departments in a company, work together with horses in our arenas then transfer the skills they learn into managerial life.

Participants work through a series of exercises including guiding our horses on a rope, leading them around obstacles, working blindfold and by touch, achieving simple goals and establishing respect and trust.

Groups generate their own ideas for change and improvement and the result is better communication and a happier, more productive working environment. Managers and staff become more resourceful, assertive, confident and better creative thinkers.

Main leading horsewoman leading horse around equine schoolWoman being coached in equine leadership with two horsesWoman being coached in equine leadership trainingParticipant in Equine Leadership CourseWoman with flag leading horseWoman waiting for horse reponseWoman leading horse