Equine Assisted Therapy

Equinox Coaching will also be able to offer Equine Assisted Therapy at the beginning of 2019

I am currently studying to become an Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatologist.

Diploma Stage 2 in EFPT (Equine Facilitated Pychotraumatology) by IFEAL

covers safety, stabilisation, regulation and containment of

  • Mood discorders
  • Traumatic Nightmares
  • Suicide ideation under the framework in the context of the neuroscience dissociation and Psycho-pharmacology context of
  • PTSD & Trauma

Equinox Coaching will be working with other practitioners who have the same understanding of how trauma can affect behaviour and life outcomes of vulnerable clients.

We will have access to therapists and practitioners who have an understanding of how trauma can affect behaviours and lives of vulnersable clients who can add help when it is needed

We are consciously ensuring that duty of care and safeguarding policies are rigorously upheld by IFEAL supervision and Continuous Professional Training

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Individual Coaching

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