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Welcome to “Equinox Coaching”, our story began back in 2003 when I ( Anette Haug ) went to Florida and trained in the pioneering John Lyons Natural Horsemanship method. A few years later and we had developed our first Leadership programme in Scotland before evolving our strategies and techniques and moving south to Sussex in 2010.

Our horses live in a natural environment where we practice ‘open stabling’ so the horses can come and go as they please. They have the freedom to live in a herd, go indoors or outdoors when they like and be happy. Counting our horses as part of the training team as opposed to just “business tools” we are able to steer away from “novelty” training tactics and instead create a genuine, intelligent management course.

How We Work

An inspiring new way to learn leadership skills.

Learn through one of the most immersive and vivid training experiences rather than the traditional method of gimmicks and textbooks.

Every lesson you learn can be transferred back into your managerial life to help you become a better leader.

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Leadership Objectives and Outcomes

We aim to provide an intelligent and powerful management course that will develop leadership skills that can be transferred to the workplace and also be taken into everyday life.

Providing leadership training with the help of horses offers a unique but extremely effective method in developing the skills needed for management.

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“I loved my day of Equinox coaching, and I learned much. I rode horses most days when I was young; later I met Robert Hall and Monty Roberts who were brilliant ‘horse coaches’. My hours with your horses however took me to a new level both about people and about animals…” more >

Sir John Whitmore PhD
Chairman, Performance Consultants Int.

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Essence of Leadership Program

Working in association with Charlotte Austin Talbot from Chat Global UK as part of a combined program including equine guided leadership.

A signature program for discovering and enhancing the essence of your true inner Leader through connecting with horses whilst working  in a select group of three or four participants.

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In The Press

Equine Guided Leadership or Equine Assisted Coaching has attracted a lot of media interest since its beginnings in the U.S. in the 90s.

Equinox Coaching has been featured in publications such as the Glasgow Herald and Business XL magazine. more >

Magazine Covers from Reed InManagement, Glasgow Herald Magazine and Business XL Magazine

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Video Testimonial

A course delegate gives his feedback at the end of a workshop.